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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It Came Upon A MIdnight Clear ...

Image hosted by I just saw a shooting star. ( Do I have to mention that there's a meteor shower going on? Does that make the shooting star less lucky? ) Maybe today won't be such a bad day after all.

    I was so excited yesterday to read about the meteor shower. I always try to catch a glimpse of a few falling stars. I suppose it's old school to believe a shooting star brings good luck, but, hey! I'm old. I can be crazy and believe what I want.

    I've always been drawn to the sky. (As is obvious from all the sun rise and sunset photos I take, and post on here.) I've captured awesome lightening shots, dust storms, rain, snow, you name it. I should have been a meteorologist!   A weatherman, er, weatherwoman.

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I've got to go get ready for work ... but first I'm going to hunt another shooting star!
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