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Monday, January 16, 2006

Cough, Cough

    Nothing much to report, still, and I am sure I would have reported on "nothing" before now, but I have been pretty sick since Friday.

    I went in to work feeling just fine on Friday morning, other than a runny nose (better go catch it) that had been getting worse each day.  By about nine thirty I was coughing, and my chest was burning, and I just felt like I needed to sleep for a week.  I skedaddled on out of the office after our last patient right after lunch and came home and collapsed on the couch.  I pretty much stayed supine the entire day Saturday, either in bed or watching mindless movies on LifetimeTV.  Sunday I was feeling a bit better (Coughing? Ask your doc to prescribe Tussalon Pearls.  Those babies are little miracle workers, I promise.  I had these left over from my bout with pneumonia, along with some DuraTuss, which I took as well.) but I was still hacking and choking when the pearls wore off.  By the end of the day, though, I was feeling a bit better.

    Today I got up bright and early, knowing I had to go get gas for the week to get me back and forth from work, and I had to deposit my paychecks and run another errand.  I felt really good after my initial cough for 20 minutes to get out everything that accumulated over night.  But after I was up for an hour or so I began feeling really nauseated and tired again.  I did run my errands, but spent the rest of the day doing nothing much of anything.  Started on the second sock I am crocheting (They were supposed to be for the baby, but they came out way too large.  Maybe I'll save them for it's first birthday!)

    I think next I'm going to try to knit a pair of socks, haven't tried that yet.

    Anyway, today Doc called to check on me and see if I was going to go to work tomorrow, and ask if he was supposed to bring lunch, or me.  He's going to refill my pearls and the duratuss for me, since I am taking the last dose I have in the morning.  Hopefully I'll be doing OK.  I really really hate calling off sick from work (The only time I have over the past three years is when I had pnuemonia, I called in sick two days, then felt too guilty to stay home and returned to work.)

    So Hub is seriously considering going to this helicopter pilot school.  He's always wanted to fly copters, so it's fine by me if he wants to do this.  He can go at night, so he can still work, and it will take about a year.  The best part is that the airport where he would take the classes is just a few miles away.  It's a small local airport.

    Thought of the Day:

    Billy Graham has described heaven as a family reunion that never ends. What must hell possibly be like? Home videos of the same reunion?


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