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Monday, January 09, 2006

Lab Results and Such

Image hosted by I got back some of the bloodwork test yesterday, showing sparkling results except for my triglycerides, which were high, as usual. Overall cholesterol and the ratio were stellar, it's just those darn tri's, and that's caused by high carb intake, which, as a diabetic, I don't eat many carbs. Go figure. There was nothing to indicate the cause of my exhaustion, though. I still have not received back the hormone tests, one of the thyroid tests and the HA1C (the three month average of my blood sugar levels.) I'm not worried about that one too much, my sugars have been pretty well controlled.

Thursday Brock got paid his first "real" paycheck from his new job. The first paycheck was just a training pay (Read: Not Very Much) and he was able to pay his rent all by himself! We did have to take them grocery shopping last night (and pay for it, of course) as his paycheck only covered the rent and his bus ticket for the next two weeks. All they had left to eat was a half jar of pickles.  Sigh.  Maybe if they got rid of the damn animals they could afford people food.

    I got a raise at work.  Yay me!  Doc said I deserved it.  I think he was kidding.  You know what I love about my boss?  He thanks me nearly every day for coming to work and doing my job. 

    It's the dreaded grocery shopping day.  Oh, joy.  Hub has just gotten up from his slumber, so I better go get ready.

Thought of the Day:

 Life is sexually transmitted.


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