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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I had to cancel all our patients today because Doc’s wife had a medical emergency. I understand it couldn’t be helped. Canceling patients is the absolute worst part of my job. People don’t get mad at Doc, they are angry at ME. Bearer of bad news and all that jazz. Ugh. It makes me feel horrible. Some of today’s patients are the same people I had to cancel last week, so you can imagine all the cold shoulders I got. It’s even worse when you aren’t sure what you should tell the patients. Too little information, it sounds like a lie. Too much information and you’re crossing the boundary into the Doc’s personal life. Decisions, decisions. Sometimes choosing between the rock and the hard place sucks. Don’t kill the messenger. Please. I just don’t like people being upset with me. I never have, I never will.

So yesterday we had a patient who missed his appointments with both the Doc and the body therapist. He calls this morning and asks “Are we still on for today?” I tell him he was supposed to be here yesterday. He begins to argue with me, and then pulls out his calendar. Yep, he was wrong. However, now he begins the diatribe about how the Doc needs to fix his medication, he’s only getting 120 mg of something, but he’s been on 312 mg. Blah. Blah. BLAH. This man is on so many meds he could have his own pharmacy. I’m not lying. Anyway, so now he’s demanding he needs to speak to the doc, I tell him he’s had an emergency and I won’t be talking to him until tomorrow. He’s pretty insistent. I explain I’ll give Doc the message tomorrow. He takes 15 minutes to tell me how imperative it is that he gets his meds taken care of right away. In the back of my mind I am thinking, and wanting to blurt out “Perhaps if you had made your appointment you could have taken care of this yesterday.” I have a feeling Doc is only going to have me call him back and tell him he’s got to wait to talk about this at his appointment. It serves him right, of course, but … bearer of bad news and all that jazz. This one won’t make me feel too bad, though, because demanding people get under my skin in a bad way.

Only four days until the eldest baby bird leaves the coop. I can’t believe Blaine will be so far away from home. I know it’s time for him. But did he have to move so damn far away? I told him the other night “Just don’t go and get married without telling us first.” I’m trying to just bury the whole ordeal, because if I don’t I’ll be unable to function. The day he leaves I’ll cry, I’ll get it all out, and then I’ll move on.

Duke emailed me last night, and they are going to induce her D-I-L on Monday, so she’ll be a first time Grandma sometime next week. She’s tooooo happy. I’ve got to get the buttons sewn on the sweater tonight so I can send it off tomorrow.

Dee has a doctor’s appointment next week. Yay! It’s about time. I guess they found someplace that sees low income families. It’s only 25 bucks the first visit and then ten dollars a visit thereafter. She’s somewhere around 27 weeks now, so I am more than thrilled that she’s found somewhere she can go. Last night Brock called because Dee has been having cramps for a few days. I asked all the appropriate questions, and told her it’s probably just her body learning to accommodate the extra weight of the baby, but that she really needs to keep her appointment. I am NOT a doctor! I can’t diagnose these things. I did tell her to get to an ER if she experiences any spotting, though.

Did I ever mention one of their cats got out, was gone for about a week? Well, it must have been about six weeks ago because now they have kittens. Yeah. The four cats they already had just wasn’t enough.

No, she’s STILL not working. Big surprise, huh?

The vintage sweater pattern I’m using is making a most beautiful sweater. It’s much more labor intensive than the others I’ve made, but I like it the best. I’m almost finished, just have 1.5 sleeves to complete.

Quote of the Day:

We are all prompted by the same motives, all deceived by the same fallacies, all animated by hope, obstructed by danger, entangled by desire, and seduced by pleasure.
Rambler #60 (October 13, 1750) Samuel Johnson


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