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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


    So on my way home from work my cell rang.  I can't talk and drive, not coordinated enough, so I listened to my voice mail when I got home.  Brock had called Blaine and asked him to drive he and Dee to the E.R. because her cramps had gotten worse.  Brock was just giving me the heads up.

    I returned his call, but no answer.  He just called back.  She had just gone in for an ultrasound.  I asked what the doctors had said, and Brock said they told her it was probably just her body adjusting to changes.  Hmmm.  That sounds familar.  What do I know, though?  I've only had three babies, and work in the medical field.

    More info as it becomes available.

    Hub made this doll in my likeness.  I think she could use a few more pounds if she really wanted to look like me.


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