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Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Three Month Check Up

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    I just got back from my three month appointment, with some great news, and some terrible news.   He was well pleased at my bloodwork numbers, and doesn't want to change my meds at this time, like we discussed last November.  When he got to the HA1C results (Hemoglobin count - average over a three month period) he said (quite pointedly) "And this number is excellent!"  I p-shawed him with my hand, said I wasn't happy with it, and he laughed so hard.  He said "I knew you were going to say that, I just knew it!  That's why I said it the way I did!"  I said, "Yeah, I like it around five point oh" and he said "I know you do, but cut yourself a little slack. Your number is superb!"

    I asked him if I could go on this diet Hub is going to go on.  It's from The Alabama Heart Institute (though Doc, my employer Doc, that is... said he's seen the same diet but under other heart institution names) Anyway, I my PCP asked all kinds of questions about it, and said he wasn't familiar with this diet, and then he says "With any other diabetic, any other patient of mine, I would give an immediate 'NO!' for an answer.  However since you care ..... no, that's not fair, the others care, but since you are so ...." He's hemming and hawing for a word here, and I interject "Anal?? Does that word work?" He laughed and said, "Yeah, I suppose that one would work for you!"  Hahaha, he's such a cut up.  Anyway, he said I can go on the diet (it's three days on, four days off) but I have to check my sugars at least six times a day because a diet such as this one, designed to allow you to lose ten pounds each three days to prepare for heart surgery, can really mess with your ketones, insulin levels and sugars.  He said if I get at all trembly I need to get in to see him on an emergency basis.  I flipped my hand at him again, and he said "I know! I know you, you won't let that happen!"

    The terrible news?  He's retiring from the military in August.  Wah! Call the wahmbulance!  I'm going to have to get a new doctor!  I hate that so, because he really listens to me, knows I am intelligent about my diabetes and my body, and doesn't treat me like an ignorant patient.  Sigh.

    I'm dying laughing here!  Corky, my cockatiel is upstairs whistling a song from a Clint Eastwood movie.  It's one of the cowboy movies, and if I could even think of the name of the movie, you'd know which warble I am speaking of.  We've been whistling it for years to him, and I've only heard him whistle it back once.  I guess he was paying attention after all!  (He's just changed to saying "Corky is a stupid bird, mama's corky") - OK, the kids just came home from the DMV and said the movie is "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly." 

    Several people have asked when Dee's due date is, and it's May 6th.  I kept meaning to answer that, and always forgot once I sat down to write.  Yesterday she tried to get the ultra-sound tech to tell her the sex of the baby, but the baby was hiding it's genitals! Ha!  It really doesn't want us to know yet.  She's having another ultra-sound next week at her doctor's appointment, maybe we'll find out then. 

    Current project is a hooded poncho, a pattern from 1942.  I'm making it in lilac, however, Hub and I think it would be mighty cute in red, in a Little Red Riding Hood kinda of way, so that's another project for the future.  I sure hope the baby is a girl, though yesterday Brock told me Dee said if it was a boy she would still let him wear pink.  Hahaha!  I do have some blue yarn to make a little boy sweater, and I made the white one, which could go either way.  I'll be prepared either way!  I found two adorable vintage patterns for toddler dresses, but I'll wait to start them when I know if it's a girl or boy!

    I suppose I should get to cleaning.  My house is a mess, as always.



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  • At Sunday, February 12, 2006 11:16:00 PM, Blogger ChasingMoksha said…

    Girl it seems like Dee has been pregnant forever. LOL! I am sorry about your doctor retiring. I hate when I lose someone that listens.

    That poncho sounds nice. Do you ever make one for yourself. I would feel so cool wearing a little red riding hood poncho in lilac.

    Watch that diet!

  • At Monday, April 10, 2006 7:26:00 AM, Blogger Gabreael said…

    At least all of your blood work was good and such :) .



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